A little about us...

Andrew and Sabrina are a married couple from Ontario, Canada who got their start on TikTok in June of 2020. After sharing Part 1 of their 30 part home renovation, they quickly went viral. Since then, they have continued to expand their presence to other social media platforms including YouTube and Instagram.

With Andrew's carpentry skills and Sabrina's love of interior decorating, together they have been able to grow to over two million followers on TikTok, 250k on Instagram and 940k subscribers on YouTube. Some of their most popular projects include the hanging egg chair firepit, 2021 pool renovation & backyard treehouse for grownups.

Andrew and Sabrina met as kids in elementary school and started dating in their Senior year of high school. They have been inseparable every since and now, work together full time sharing their renovations and DIY projects on social media. Andrew is a carpenter and Sabrina is trained as a recreation therapist. When they are not renovating, they love spending time with their dogs, Ackley & Aspen (hence the username), and cuddling their cat, Carlton.

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- Andrew & Sabrina


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You Gotta See This...

Electric Fireplace Feature Walls


We are both big fans of electric fireplace inserts. Electric inserts are not only an affordable option to most people, but and are safer than a traditional fireplace. They also help to make any space so much cozier and are customizable to fit your interior! In 2021, Andrew built and designed an electric fireplace wall for our living room, making it the focal point of the space. In 2022, he built one for our bedroom in a corner that was otherwise wasted space. You can check out those projects here and here!

Hanging Egg Chair Firepit


Last summer I suggested a simple firepit design to Andrew for the back of our property. We quickly learned that it would not be a simple firepit after all. In total we spent about 2 weekends chipping (or digging I should say) away at this project and it became our most viral creation ever reaching 25 million views in the first few days. 

We continue to receive photos almost every day from followers who have recreated this fun project in their own backyards! If you build your own hanging egg chair firepit, please send us photos via Instagram or email! 

Enjoy :)

Home Office Makeover

Check out our guest bedroom into home office transformation! The storage built in took 1 week to complete and is entirely custom built!

Kitchen Makeover


The kitchen is the heart of the home - it's where we spend the most time, so we contemplated whether we should renovate the kitchen straight away after moving in or wait a year or two. Since you're seeing this now, I'm sure you can guess that we did not wait to renovate. 

Truth be told, the kitchen wasn't in horrible shape. The cabinets had been replaced in the last 20 years and the appliances were salvageable. However, we uncovered so many mice nests, bugs, and the occasional dead mouse that we decided to gut the kitchen and start over, sealing off anywhere mice could get in. We were glad we did this after learning that the kitchen was not properly vented and the electrical was installed wrong. 

We spent 3 months working away on this kitchen (alongside the rest of the main floor of the house) and it's still one of my favourite projects to date. It's funny - I was so scared to reveal the black backsplash on social media out of fear of what others might say. Meanwhile, it became such an iconic part of this kitchen and we get asked all the time for info on the backsplash! What do you think?

Restoring Our Inground Pool


In June 2020 we bought a house that had an in ground pool hidden under a deck for over 20 years. In July 2021, with no pool experience, we took on the complete restoration of our pool! In just over a month, the pool was restored to its former glory days and we documented the entire process on our TikTok account!

Recycled Greenhouse


This project was so much fun and only took a week to complete! We used our recycled cedar deck boards, pressure treated lumber we got second hand, and acrylic plexiglass sheets from Kijiji to create the perfect greenhouse! This space has been so handy for repotting our plants and starting seeds. It's also a super relaxing place to hang out and enjoy a rainy night.

Vegetable Garden


This project was one that we had been itching to complete since moving to this house! Our property is just under 2 acres, so there is no shortage of space (and grass). We hope to eventually turn the entire backyard into gardens, so this was our very first backyard project to get that ball rolling! 

In our first year of having this garden, we grew grown greens, peas, beans, corn, broccoli, cucumbers, peppers, strawberries, corn, and pumpkins! We hope to double that yield in our second year!