Reclaimed Backyard Greenhouse

This project was so much fun and only took a week to complete! We used our recycled cedar deck boards, pressure treated lumber we got second hand, and acrylic plexiglass sheets from Kijiji to create the perfect greenhouse! This space has been so handy for repotting our plants and starting seeds. It's also a super relaxing place to hang out and enjoy a rainy night.

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About the Greenhouse

This greenhouse is 7'x15' and built almost entirely out of repurposed materials. We rented a mini skid steer from The Home Depot Rental to level out an area in our backyard and then switched to the auger attachment to drill 8 post holes 4' deep.

We set the pressure treated posts in concrete and built the frame out of repurposed deck boards and pressure treated lumber. The floor is lined with landscape fabric and about 3 inches of pea gravel from a local landscape supply company (same as the firepit and veggie garden).

Andrew snagged brand new sheets of acrylic plexiglass off Kijiji for $60 a sheet (it retails for almost double that price in store) and used that for the windows and roof. Acrylic plexiglass will not yellow in the sun the way standard plexiglass will and we will keep you posted on how it withstands our Canadian winters.

We opted to stain it the colour "Canyon Brown" by Olympic Stains, same as the vegetable garden and hope to eventually build shelving for additional storage! In the meantime, our picnic table works just fine.

In total, we spent roughly $1000 on this project between caulking, concrete, hardware, screws, gravel, stain, and posts.

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Greenhouse Interior!

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