Off-Grid Style Treehouse (for grownups)

Do you have a dream project? One that you've wanted to complete for as long as you can remember? For us, it is the backyard treehouse.

Andrew and I spent months planning this project before starting its construction in winter of 2021. We worked on it for 4 months on the weekends (when we weren't having a snowstorm) to finally sleep in it for the first time on my 29th birthday in April!

This treehouse is the perfect spot for movie nights and sleepovers and is built entirely off-grid style. We have a solar powered, motion censored light on the exterior and a portable solar powered generator on the inside to charge our phones. We hope to eventually build a bathroom and make it available for our followers to rent on airbnb in the next few years. Andrew and I documented the entire building process on our TikTok account and YouTube channel which you can watch below!

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Building Our Treehouse from Start to Finish


Treehouse Tour!

A Home Away From Home At Home

This project was absolutely a labour of love but we are so thrilled with the outcome and look forward to enjoying it for many years to come! Want to see more photos? Check us out on Instagram!

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