Hanging Egg Chair Firepit

Last summer I suggested a simple firepit design to Andrew for the back of our property. We quickly learned that it would not be a simple firepit after all. In total we spent about 2 weekends chipping (or digging I should say) away at this project and it became our most viral creation ever reaching 25 million views in the first few days. 

We continue to receive photos almost every day from followers who have recreated this fun project in their own backyards! If you build your own hanging egg chair firepit, please send us photos via Instagram or email to be featured below!

Enjoy :)

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Firepit FAQ

1. Are the hanging egg chairs comfortable? Yes!

2. What is the size of the firepit? 16ft diameter with a 3ft inner circle

3. What is the spacing of the posts? Approximately 10ft

4. What happens to the chairs when it rains? They get wet lol the cushions are removable.

5. Did you run electrical to the firepit? Nope, the lanterns are solar powered and the string lights are powered by an extension cord from the house.

6. Where did you get the fire bowl? Lowes a few years back! But check Facebook marketplace!!

7. Why did you put a retaining wall around it? Our property is on a significant slope so we had to dig about a foot down to get the space level.

8. Do you get many mosquitoes from the cedars? Not at all!

9. How much did this project cost you? Just over $1200CAD (we had most of the supplies already)...the chairs were the most expensive part.

10. What stain did you use on the pergola? Tugboat-ST141 by BEHR

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