Couple give their home an incredible DIY makeover in just four months

By Ellen Scott in the Metro UK News 

Anyone else find before and after photos of people’s home renovations deeply satisfying?

Maybe it’s because for so many of us, actually owning a property feels like such a distant dream.

Or maybe it’s the gratification of seeing the end results of a big DIYproject without having to actually, well, do it yourself.

Providing the goods are couple Andrew and Sabrina Pougnet, both 28, from Ontario, Canada.

Andrew, a journeyman carpenter, and Sabrina, a recreation manager of a retirement home, bought a house in January 2020.

They found the property super charming, but realised it was pretty outdated, and would need some hard work to get it to suit them.

So they got to work quickly, renovating the entire place in just four months – for just $40,000 and with no professional help.


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